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WWII German Luftwaffe Reflexvisier Revi 16A Gunsight Fl.52940

Bezeichnung: Reflexvisier Revi 16 A Anforderungszeichen: Fl.52940 Gerät-Nr.: 127-405 A-1 Baumuster: Revi 16 A Hersteller: hdv = Optische Werk Osterrode GmbH, Osterrode, Harz Baujahr: ca. 1944 Funktionsweise

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Original, RARE, FUNCTIONAL WWII German Luftwaffe  Reflexvisier Revi 16.  The Revi 16A was designed asa replacement for the earlier Revi C/12D type sight and itself was soon replaced by the slightly improved Revi 16B, so in fact, very few were manufactured (the manual for the A is dated April, 1941 and the B's is dated March, 1942). Once the B model was available, existing stocks of the Revi 16A sight were used in aircraft like the Me163B Komet, and the Do335 Pfeil as well as for some flexible defensive armament mounts. Revi is complete, with  label, with Clear and Dark glass. Revi Fl 52940,  Clear glass Fl 52271, Dark glass Fl 52272.