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WWII German Luftwaffe Fuhrertochterkompass compass Fl.23334 Fk/12 GZY 62124

Bezeichnung: Führertochterkompass Anforderungszeichen: Fl.23334 Gerät-Nr.: 127-113 A-1 Baumuster: FK -f2 Hersteller: gzy = Albert Patin, Werkstätten für Fernsteuertechnik, Berlin Baujahr: ca.1943 / 1944

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NEW, Original, working condition WWII German Luftwaffe Fuhrertochterkompass compass Fl. 23334 Fk/12, GZY 62124. It has an original intact seal on the screw (GZY), which means that no one professionally disassembled it! Item is very nice and all new and functional. This instrument used in various aircraft such as the Me109, Fw190 and others. Fuhrertochterkompass  indicated the current direction of the aircraft and pointed to mag netic north. It was located on the main instrument panel.