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WWII German Luftwaffe Fl. 20358 Temperature Indicator Elektrischer Temperaturanzeiger Bf109 Fw190 Ju388 Do335

Designation: Electrical temperature indicator Requirement Character: Fl.20358 Device no.: 127-5011 A-1 Measuring range: 0 - 130 °C Manufacturer: LGW-Hakenfelde, Berlin (Siemens) Year of construction: approx. 1944 Installed in: Focke-Wulf FW 190 D9,

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Original, RARE, Functional WWII German Luftwaffe Fl. 20358 Temperatur-Anzeiger (temperature indicator) in mint condition. This type of instrument was installed in aircraft like the Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4, Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9, Dornier Do 335 and the Junkers Ju 388.