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WW2 German Luftwaffe 0-130C Elek. Temp-Anzeiger (Electrical Temperature Gauge) Fl.20342

Bezeichnung: elektr. Temperaturanzeiger Anforderungszeichen: Fl.20342 Gerät-Nr.: 127-1078 A-1 Messbereich: 0 – 130°C Hersteller: LGW-Hakenfelde (Siemens), Berlin Baujahr: ca. 1943

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ORIGINAL, EXCELLENT and VERY RARE WWII German Luftwaffe 0-130C Elek. Temp-Anzeiger Electrical Temperature Gauge Fl.20342. This instrument was mounted on the forward instrument panel and indicated both the engine oil temperature and coolant temperature to the pilot.  It was used in most aircraft such as the Me109, Fw190, Me110, Ju88, Ju-87, Do-17, He-111 and others.