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WW2 GERMAN DOPPELDRUCKMESSER Dual Pressure Gauge - Fl. 20512-3 - Fw190 Ju 87 D-5

Designation: double pressure gauge Requirement reference: 20512-3 Device no .: 127-1011 E-1 Measuring range: 0 - 3/0 - 15 kg / cm² Manufacturer: Maximall-Apparate-Fabrik, Paul Willmann, Berlin Year of construction: approx. 1944 Installed in: e.g. Fo

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Original, EXCELLENT condition a 0-3/0-15 kg/cm2 Doppeldruckmesser Dual Pressure Gauge Fl.20512-3, used in the Fw190 A -D, Ta152 H, and Bv155, Ju 87 D-5.This instrument measured both the fuel and oil pressure.  It was located on the main instrument panel and relayed this information to the pilot. It was used in the Fw190 / Ta152, and Bv155.