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WWII German Doppeldruckmesser Dual Pressure Gauge Fl. 20512-3 Fw190

Designation: double pressure gauge Requirement reference: 20512-3 Device no .: 127-1011 E-1 Measuring range: 0 - 3/0 - 15 kg / cm² Manufacturer: Maximall-Apparate-Fabrik, Paul Willmann, Berlin Year of construction: approx. 1944 Installed in: e.g. Fo

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Original, EXCELLENT condition a 0-3/0-15 kg/cm2 Doppeldruckmesser Dual Pressure Gauge Fl.20512-3, used in the Fw190 A -D, Ta152 H, and Bv155.This instrument measured both the fuel and oil pressure.  It was located on the main instrument panel and relayed this information to the pilot. It was used in the Fw190 / Ta152, and Bv155.