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WWII German Luftwaffe Fl.XXX electr. Quadruple temperature indicator

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ORIGINAL, NEW, RARE and flying condition WWII German Luftwaffe Fl.XXX electr. Quadruple temperature indicator.

Type: EV 1 T / a

Measuring range: 2 x -40 +40 ° C / 2 x 0-120 ° C

Manufacturer: LGW-Hakenfelde, Berlin

Year of construction: approx. 1944

Function description:The electrical "remote thermometer" shows the temperature of the coolant (cooling material) in the cooling cycle of materials on. It consists of the actual thermometer (electrical temperature sensor), a temperature-sensitive resistance wire, the display device and the power source for the measuring current (on-board battery). 

The thermometer consists of a winding surrounded by a metallic protective cover. The electrical resistance of this winding changes with the temperature and is determined with a measuring device that is calibrated in temperature degrees and can be attached at any distance from the sensor (heat sensor). The display device itself is a so-called cross-coil measuring instrument. The display instrument shows the incoming voltage, with the dial being calibrated in ° C. The measuring process is based on the Ohm's principle that the resistance of a metal increases with increasing temperature.  The advantage of such electr. The temperature indicator means that several measuring points can be switched to the same display device. Furthermore, separation points can easily be made in the lines and the measurement accuracy is very high.