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WWII German Luftwaffe Aircraft Mw50 (Methanol-Wasser 50) Tank with the cap

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Original, Rare WWII German Luftwaffe Me109 Aircraft Mw50 (Methanol-Wasser 50) Tank with the cap. 

MW-50 Water-Methanol Injection. MW-50 (MethanolWasser 50) is a 50-50 mixture of methanol and water sprayed into the Bf 109 supercharger, allowing the use of increased boost pressures. Many Bf 109 variants use some sort of boost. The G-6 was the first variant designed for a new field modification kit or Rustsatz model that allowed a large number of various standard kits to be quickly installed in the field, as well as a number of Umrutsatz, or factory kits that could be installed in the factory. The U2 kit provided for a 118-liter tank behind the cockpit used for the GM 1 nitrous oxide injection system, while the U3 kit used a tank for the MW 50 water-methanol mix.