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WWII German AFN2 Ln.27002 Radio Homing Indicator

Code : AFN2 Ln.27002 Radio Homing Indicator 4
Availability : Available


Designation: Display device for radio navigation AFN 2

Requirement mark: Ln.27002

Type: AFN2

Manufacturer: LGW-Hakenfelde, Berlin (Siemens)

Accessories: plug, length 27003 / glow lamp, bottle 26682 (NOT INCLUDED)


With the AFN 2, an instrument target flight to a received transmitter was possible. The AFN 2 has 2 pointers. The deviation from the course, left or right to the transmitter, is indicated by the pointer pointing vertically downwards. If the aircraft is flying on a direct course, the pointer is exactly vertical, above the illuminated dot (angular). The other, horizontal, pointer indicates the distance of the aircraft from the transmitter (radio beacon). When flying over the transmitter, the glow lamp (Fl.26682) integrated in the plug connection (Ln.27003) lit up. When you fly over the transmitter, the horizontal pointer is exactly on the central luminous point, on the left on the dial.