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WWII German Fl. 52751 switch box SK Ve, 1944 BZA 1 and / or BZG 2E

Code : switch box SK Ve
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AMAZING and VERY RARE example of a WW2 German Luftwaffe  Fl. 52751 switch box SK Ve. It was instaled in Installed German airplanes with bomb target systems BZA 1 and / or BZG 2E. The switch box has a diameter of 90mm. The cylindrical part is 165mm long. The base for the plug connection is 20mm high. There is a pendulum in each of the two round housings inside. The black round part is a tied top, similar to a turning pointer. But this only switches. Installation, among other things, in the Junkers Ju 88 with the BZA 1 system.