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WWII German Luftwaffe Summer LKpS101 Fl. 26617 Flight Helmet with Communication Equipment

Luftwaffe LKP S101 Summer Pilot Flying Helmet with Throat Microphone and Earphones.This is an excellent condition tan cloth, silk lined, leather covered earphones and integral throat microphone early WW2, original 1937 dated LKP S101 Luftwaffe Pilot's sum

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Original WWII German Summer Flight Helmet with Communication Equipment Fl. 26617.

 When introduced in 1938 the '101 series by Siemens featured some significant improvements over its predecessor, mainly regarding communications and wearing comfort. The LkpS101 was the summer counterpart of the LkpW101 and maintained the same basic pattern and material throughout the war. Production quality suffered towards the end of WWII, though, with lower quality metal fittings more prone to corrosion. This specific helmet was designed with radio equipment for fighter and bomber pilots.

This satin-lined specimen, size 58. The earphones are located in Ln26602 plastic housings and leather covered rubber earcups. While providing more efficient sound insulation, their new shape also improved the fit of goggle straps. By re-arranging the throat mike attachment at the back of the helmet, the former (Mi4b carbon laryngophones in oval reddish bakelit housings) were much more comfortable to wear. The long wiring loom was typical for early examples and ended in a Luftwaffe standard 4-pole plug (GB Brechkupplung BLKv FL27560).