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WWII German Wehrmacht / Luftwaffe Panzer Kasten Nr. 21b STUG HETZER PZ.KFW

The Kasten Pz. Nr. 21b was used as a connection box for the tank commander in the turret. It accepted headphones and a three-pin microphone plug, which allowed the commander to talk directly with the radio operator. The "b" designation perhaps i

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ORIGINAL, EXTREMELY RARE WWII German Wehrmacht / Luftwaffe Panzer Kasten Nr. 21b. The Panzer Kasten Nr. 21 was a radio connection box used in various Tanks, Tank Destroyers, and Armoured Vehicles in WW2. Used in conjunction with the FuG V radio set, it was used by an individual crew member to connect his Headset and Throat Mic. to the main radio system. Used as the main connection for the crew member's headset and throat mic, this box is in EXCELLENT used condition!! It retains much of it's original paint and finish, and all connections are 100% complete! It is functional.