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WWII German Schwimmwest Life Jacket 10-30 B-2

This Luftwaffe 10-30 B-2 Luftwaffe Life Jacket was a carbon dioxide cartridge-operated inflatable vest. It was a much more improved design, replacing the full-back model and utilizing a stole type buoyancy chamber.

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Original, Very Rare WW2 German Luftwaffe 10-30 B-2 Luftwaffe Life Jacket /Life Preserver (Schwimmwest ), Fl. 30154-2, as used by various fighter pilots and bomber crew. All markings on the inflation canister are 100% intact and legible. 

The original data label indicates:  Schwimmweste  Gerät Nr. 10-30 B-2  Anforderz. Fl. 30154-2 Werk-Nr.  503709 Hersteller  bwz