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WWII German Aircraft Variometer - VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR Fl. 22386 Me109 Fw190 Me262

Designation: Variometer Requirement Character: Fl.22386 Unit #: 127-2352 A-1 Measuring range: +/- 0 - 30 m/s Manufacturer: nay = Dr. Th. Horn, Luftfahrtgeraetewerk Plauen GmbH, Plauen i/V. Year of construction: approx. 1945 Installed in: e.g. Messer

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ORIGINAL, RARE WWII German Aircraft Variometer - VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR. This instrument measured the vertical speed climb/decent using the surrounding air pressure.  It was located on the main instrument panel of many German aircraft. This rare Variometer used in the Me262, Me109 G-K, Fw190 A-D, Ta152, Me110 and others.