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WWII German Aircraft – UV Gerätleuchte COCKPIT UV LAMP / LIGHT – Fl. 32265-1 Fl. 32665-2

Lampenkörper, Fl.32265-1 (mit Glimmlampe, Fl.32777-1) drehbare Kappe (2 Fenster für Klarscheibe und UV-Scheibe), Fl.32265-2 Fl.32777-1 Glühlampe

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ORIGINAL, A VERY RARE item, EXCELLENT CONDITION WWII German Luftwaffe UV Gerätleuchte (UV Instrument Panel Cockpit Light) set, Fl. 32265-1  Fl. 32665-2, as used in the many German aircrafts. When the pilot turned the UV lights turned on at night, this cap directed UV light towards the cockpit instruments. This caused a reaction within the Radium Dials and as a result, the dials and gauges glowed.  It was also used as a warning light for engine fire and mach speed. Item is working condition, complete with cap and bulb.