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WWII German Luftwaffe Ammunition Counter Me109 Fw190 Me262 SZ 500 Schusszähler Fl. 47312

Bezeichnung: Schusszähler Anforderungszeichen: Fl.47312 Gerät-Nr.: 102-101 A-1 Baumuster: SZ 500 Messbereich: 0 – 500 Schuss Hersteller: Siemens, Berlin Baujahr: ca.1942 Bemerkung: zählt maximal 500 Schuss Funktionsweise Besonderheiten: erste Ba

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EXCELLENT and 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Luftwaffe Schusszähler 500 (SZ500 Round Counter), Fl. 47312, as used in most fighters, bombers, and destroyers, including the Me109, Fw190, Me262, Ju87, Ju88, Me110, and others!This Round Counter was located on the main instrument console. It was installed to indicate the current ammunition count for each weapon. It flashed whenever one round of ammunition was spent, and remained solid white when a "jam" was present. The "100" in SZ100 indicates it counted 100 rounds of ammunition (usually the cannon).Made of aluminum and steel by hdc, this SZ500 is in EXCELLENT used condition. Some slight marks and scratches due to the age, but no damage or corrosion! Still features it's original data label, clearly indicating the manufacture and part number Fl. 47312. Still functional, it also retains some NICE inspection stamps! I have shown it's location in the Me109 and Fw190 cockpits. A VERY NICE addition to any collection or display!