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WWII German Luftwaffe Schaltkasten radio control box Schk 17a Ln 27300

Used for FuG 10, FuG16, EZ6 and FuBl3.

Code : Schaltkasten radio control box Schk 17a Ln 27300
Availability : Available


Original, AMAZING and VERY RARE WWII German Luftwaffe Schaltkasten (Switch box) Schk 17a Ln27300. This switch box is a "radio switch box" of the late version and was used instead of the Sk13. This switch box switched between the various on-board radio systems FuG 10, FuG16, EZ6 and FuBl3.. It was also installed and used in the Junker Ju 388 (see picture). Above left: the EK (receiver short) switches between the radio operator (Fu) and the crew (Bes). Above middle: switches between target radio fire (FuG16 ZY) and landing radio fire (FuBl3). Above right: switches the Radio for EL (long receiver) or navigation (EZ 6). Bottom left: the radio operator switches to his own traffic (Eiv) or the radio board (FT +) or the navigation radio fire (NFF) EZ6. Below right: volume switch for the radio operator. Luftwaffe Schaltkasten Schk 17a Ln27300 used in Messerschmitt Bf 109 G, Ju 88, He 111, DO 217, ME 110 an others.