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WWII German Luftwaffe SPLINTER PROOF PILOT GOGGLES Nitsche u. Gunther

This Luftwaffe Nitsche und Günther Flight goggle set is in SUPERB unused condition. They come complete in their original tin box, which features the model and Fl. number stamped on the top! Some slight marks and dents on the case, but that is expected,

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Original WWII German Luftwaffe Splinter-Proof Goggles (Schutzbrille)  Fl. 30550 Nitsche und Günther.  Used by German fighters and bombesr pilots throughout WWII. 

 Development of protective flight goggles began with the advent of military aircraft during WWI and further improvements and refinements continued in the inter-war years. In the early 1930's the German firm, Nitsche & Günther designed splinter proof goggles that were based on a splinter proof goggle pattern that was developed by the British Triplex firm late in WWI. During WWII the Luftwaffe utilized a wide variety of protective goggles which all followed the same basic design and on August 3RD 1940 the Nitsche & Günther splinter proof goggles were officially adopted for wear. Originally the goggles came in a single piece, rigid frame with clear lenses. Regulations of May 20TH 1942 introduced tinted lenses for these goggles and additional regulations in 1944 introduced a three piece frame with adjustable nose bridge to provide a better fit.