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WW2 German Luftschraubenstellungszeiger Prop Pitch Indicator Fl. 18505-1 - Me109 E

Bezeichnung: Luftschraubenstellungsanzeiger Anforderungszeichen: Fl.18505-1 Baumuster: 9-9500.60 Hersteller: Hartmann & Braun, Frankfurt /Main Baujahr: 1938

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ORIGINAL, PERFECT CONDITION WWII German Luftwaffe Luftschraubenstellungsanzeiger (Prop Pitch Indicator) Fl.18505-1 (9-9500.60). This electrical instrument was used to indicate the angle of the air screw in the form a clock dial, with the Me109 E engine prop beginning at the 12:00 position.  This was used in all early Me109's, although the Fl. 18503-2, 9-9500.31, and 9-9548 B were used in later versions.  Apart from changing from electrical to mechanical, the difference was marginal.  Mounted on the main instrument panel.