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WWII German Luftwaffe AK39 Wrist Compass – Fl.23235-1 – 2nd Model

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Original, complete, functional WWII German Luftwaffe Wrist Compass Fl.23235-1 – 2nd Model. Used by various German pilots and crew members for correctly calculating their position if forced to bail out or after a crash. 

Massive wrist compass "Armbandkompass mod.1939" ("AK-39"), part of the standard equipment of the pilots of the Luftwaffe. During flight the compass fastened a leather strap over a flight suit or were fixed on the instrument panel. Housing in black plastic, with a floating scale which caused large luminous division. It is no exaggeration to say that the Third Reich had a real cult equipment military sports destination. Compasses and binoculars, flasks and daggers, buckles, backpacks and tents — all in the Third Reich was produced in many versions: for party units and the armed forces, for the professional travelers and tourists, for adults and children, and separately for members of the Hitler youth. Compass AK-39, was produced in two types: black and white. Along with the technical differences, both versions differed in the mounting of the compass were designated as Fl: 23235 and white - Fl: 23235-1