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WWII German Aircraft ZSK244 A-2 – BOMBING SWITCH BOX

Device no .: 18-335 A-2 Type: ZSK 244 A-2 Manufacturer: hdz = Sartorius-Werke AG, Göttingen Year of construction: approx. 1944 Components: Switch box / switchgear, ZSK 244 A-2, bottle 50869 Cover hood (always remains in the aircraft), bottle 50859

Code : Bomb Fuse Switchbox
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VERY RARE, AMAZING WW2 German Luftwaffe ZSK244 A-2 Zünderschaltkasten (Bomb Fuse Switchbox) Assembly, Fl. 50869, as used in the Me262 Turbo Jet Fighter Aircraft and others.  This Bomb Fuse Switchbox was the main operation which controlled the release and timing of the on-board bombs. It was mounted to the bottom of the Me262 instrument panel.