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WWII German Luftwaffe Round Counter Box SZKK3 Fl. 47318

Name: switch counting control box Requirement mark: Fl. 47318 Type: SZKK 3 Manufacturer: hdc = LGW-Hakenfelde, Berlin Year of construction: approx. 1944 Note: for up to 3 on-board weapons Built-in toggle switch: 19-9305 A-1 Installed in: e.g. Messe

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Extremely rare  and 100% ORIGINAL WWII German Luftwaffe Round Counter Box  3 (SZKK3) Fl. 47318, as ONLY used in the Me109 and Do335 fighter aircraft!  This Round Counter Box was located on the main instrument console.  It had either the SZ500 or SZ100 Round counters installed to indicate the current ammunition count for each weapon.  The counters flashed whenever one round of ammunition was spent, and remained solid white when a "jam" was present.