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WWII German Aircraft Bediengerät BG25a - FuG25 RADIO - Me109 Fw190 Me262

Designation: Operator panel BG 25a Requirement Character: Ln.28810 Model: BG 25a Manufacturer: bou = Telefunken Society for Wireless Telegraphy Ltd., Berlin / Erfurt Year of construction: approx. 1944 Installed in: Aircraft with FuG 25a, e.g. Focke-W

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ORIGINAL, SUPERB WWII German Luftwaffe Bediengerät BG25a - FuG25 RADIO. Used in conjunction with the FuG25a Radio System.  This system was used on many late war Fighters and bombers such as the Me109, Fw190, Me262, Me-163, He162 and other German aircraft. The BG25a connected directly to the SE25 radio Sending Unit.  Both were part of the main FuG25a Radio System, which allowed for air-to-air communication, as well as air-to-ground.  Working like a modern IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), it was equipped in most late-war German aircraft.  Working on the same frequency as the main radios, it sent a signal allowing radar stations and other aircraft to differentiate between friendly and enemy aircraft/formations.  It had limits unfortunately, and could only be used in close-vicinity. This BG25a is in AMAZING unused condition.  The Fl. label is 100% complete, clearly indicating BG25a, Ln28810.  Also comes complete with the original bulb.